Cyrotec Farms

Cyrotec Farms Limited is a Nigerian agro-business that was established in 2015.  It has been set up to work directly with the local farmers in various rural communities in Nigeria with the sole aim of curbing post-harvest losses.

As an organization, our main thrust is to process harvested staple foods into snacks using savoury spices under stringent quality conditions to give our customers a vast variety while fostering consumer satisfaction. Again, the consciousness of our consumer’s health is paramount which is why we focus on product de-oiling.


Our Range of Products

Currently, we have two products with five variants each. They are Nibble Plantain crisps that come in Original, Lightly Salted, Suya Spice, Cinnamon, Ginger & Garlic flavours AND the Nibble sweet potato crisps that come in Lightly salted, Barbeque, Sweetened, Spicy and Mixed Spice Flavours. These products come in 80g and 70g respectively.


To be the leading brand in the agro-processing industry.


Why Choose Nibble?

Cyrotec is committed to implementing the latest technologies and industry practices to provide our customers with an incredible experience:

Low Transfat
The health concern of our consumer is our utmost concern, hence the crisps are de-oiled before packaging, to reduce trans-fat. This is because consumption of high levels of trans-fat is associated with higher risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.