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Cyrotec Farms

Cyrotec Farms Limited is a Nigerian agro-business that was established in 2015. It has been set up to work directly with the local farmers in various rural communities in Nigeria with the sole aim of curbing post-harvest losses.

As an organization, our main thrust is to process harvested staple foods into snacks using savoury spices under stringent quality conditions to give our customers a vast variety while fostering consumer satisfaction. Again, the consciousness of our consumer’s health is paramount which is why we focus on product de-oiling during production.


We always start with the highest quality ingredients.

We take our time crafting the finest recipes, and employ a hands-on, artisan baking process to deliver perfect results. Patience is a virtue, with each step mastered for superior taste and freshness. When our ovens fire up, glorious aromas swirl, reminiscent of the home-baked goodness we all grew up with.
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Exceptional care goes into everything we make!

The care we take ensures excellence from bakery to retailer to customer. Our expert representatives follow each order to make sure it arrives as scheduled and is properly merchandised.
Upon your first bite into any Nibble product, you will taste our difference: gourmet quality, scrumptious flavor and peak freshness.

A selection to savor.

Our product assortment includes a select blend of artisanal quality baked goods, each with their own unique flavors. Our brands include Nibble Plantain & Nibble Potato providing variety for every palate. Handmade quality goes into every item, from muffins to Danishes and more. Our gourmet baked goods are available in thousands of locations.
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